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Picture click event ?

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Hi ! I decide to explore Rpg Paper Maker recently and I was wondering if that's possible right now to do Picture click event ? Thank you for the info.

Wano Wano 12/02/2023 10:00 am

@ironnic Currently, no there are no such event, but that's a great suggestion to add, thanks. Same as an event for clicking on map objects that will me very useful for mobile playing. A trick that you could do for your pictures is that if you know to the position and size of your picture, use the already existing event mouse down and test if x and y parameters are in the picture coordinates.

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Yeah touch event for mobile and click event for PC.

This could be really useful for create button with the UI, skilling tree, mini game , custom menu etc.

It was one of my favorite plugin on Rpg Maker MV.