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DRPG style movement

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I am wanting to set it up so that my character moves one tile(not pixel, grid like) at a time. Also, I would like to disable the up/left, up/right, etc movement. Think Dungeon RPG movement like etrian odyssey or Stonekeep (back in the day). Basically, press a button, move that direction, stop wait for next input, no holding the button down and just keep moving in that direction.

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You can edit all the hero movement behaviour by going in Management > Systems manager... > Models (tab) > Hero. To move square by square, just edit each KeyPress events reactions, there are move object commands inside that are moving by step, just change it to move by square for the 4 directions. To avoid diagonal moves, you should try to play with conditions command. See how the move camera 45° rotation is done when pressing left and right keys for example. Let me know if you have troubles doing it.

dayhjawk Topic starter 05/03/2023 5:45 am

@wano Got some help in the discord server. got the movement done but still having a few issues:

1. Sometimes when I bump up against a wall(using mountains), the character will move a few pixels towards it making everything a little offset. Can't seem to get that to stop. I rather it not do that, or if he didn't bump against something it would move back to the center of the tile.

2. Basic commands I have setup is WASD - basic movement, forward, back, left, right, with QE to rotate the camera Left or Right. I will see if i can't figure out with conditions commands, but it's still doing the upleft/upright, etc thing.

dayhjawk Topic starter 05/03/2023 6:17 am

@wano figured out the issue with the movement, i guess I was moving the collison boxs of the sprite a little too far outward. So not that part figure out.

dayhjawk Topic starter 05/03/2023 9:24 am

@wano finally found the conditional commands, but can't get it to disable the directional movement. Did find where it would keep the position.