Cube Hell

Cube Hell is a small game made with Rpg Paper Maker. The game has 10 levels where you control a sphere and the objective is to reach the control point of each level. CONTROLS: Keyboard Credits: Development – Juan A. Jiménez Music – 3xblast Voice – Carmen Jiménez DOWNLOAD


An exploration of what reality means, in contrast to the fantasy within video games,  abstracted through metaphor. Narrative-based. —– The first download link with the v(ersion) number is the standalone archive. Recordings of the game with (digitally) voiced conversations. Scripts (without the visuals). DOWNLOAD

Our Pigmented Bonds

Play as a shy newcomer that has just moved into Rivertown. Through her monochromatic eyes, help create the connections and experience seeing the colors hidden in plain sight. 🍎 Game is offically released! You can now play the whole game! ——————————– Made with : RPG Paper Maker go check it out ! (Mega Thanks to Read more…


This was created as a proof of concept for a more accurate FPS type game in RPG Paper Maker.  Doom was used because everything should have a little Doom in it.  This a project you can open in RPG Paper Maker ver 2.0.7 and above. You can play the first Read more…

Pokemon Tech Demo

This game was designed for local multiplayer but a person can switch which character to control any time.  There is only 1 map.  You can fight battles on the map(working) or in classic Pokemon RPG battles(mock up).  The project encountered many engine bugs and sometimes crashes. It’s meant to show Read more…


You are Jim, underpaid and overworked maintenance worker in the year 20XX. You’re in charge of maintaining the mysterious ancient satellite orbiting your planet. But things go awry… SHOOT LASERS SOLVE PUZZLES RESENT HUMANITY DOWNLOAD

Max & Glitchy

This is a short game which I’ve made for the “Paper Jam 2”. The theme of this jam was “Glitched!”. It’s the first time I’ve experimented with the “RPG Paper Maker” Engine. I will use it in further projects and will enhance / polish this game after the jam. —— Read more…