Let's reach the next patreon goal to get the next features!

From now, every new update needs to reach a goal to start developing.

$9.000 - The new features for 3.0.0

A very big feature will be out for the next goal update! And it will be… a web version of RPG Paper Maker! It will be completely rewritten in TypeScript language. You’ll be able to use RPG Paper Maker on any web browser, meaning also on any other platform than desktop (tablets, phones, etc). This goal will be for a 3.0.0 update!

Here is a very small prototype screenshot of what it currently looks like:

This web version will also progressively replace the current desktop version, so the Qt C++ will dissapear. Here are the advantages of this switch:  
  • Solve most of the current specific mac or linux issues encountered because of Qt framework
  • Easier to debug and track thanks to browser console tracking
  • Using the exact same libraries for map editor and ingame
  • Engine UI much easier to customize for a more unique design
  • Possible to edit the engine itself with plugins to make unique menus
  • Use a technologiy that should be used for many years by a lot of websites (React + TS)
  • Possible to easily export to mobile / tablet
  • Easy to test the engine with a web version in one click
  • Easier to update builds for new updates
  • Easy to export web version to desktop

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