Features and fixes coming for 2.0.0

Climbing system
Objects 3D: choose location centered or grounded
Orthographic camera option
Command move object: draw a way preview
Create / Edit object: put window on a side so the object is still visible
Hide commands window when editing one
Command stop sound
Command display / hide an enemy
Command transform an enemy
Statistic: add option to display damage name + currency name + variable name
Loading bar while creating a project / loading map
Battle map: command start a battle option default battle map and add it in tileset
Characterisits: assign element
Languages: dictionary with all missing words in game
New example game
Monster: status in condition reaction monster
Objects: option to set centerX/centerZ/angle values
3D models rotate with characters orientation


Feature completed
Fix completed
Feature in progress
Fix in progress
Feature not completed
Fix not completed