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How do i change my animation to a sword slash?

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So i followed the tutorial for a zelda style battle system, but i just need to make the player play the sword slash animation but i cant seem to figure out how. I see theres animations and theres a sword one but theres an actual sword animation for the player that i want to play when i press enter instead.

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I would use the move object command, select change graphics button (assign the change to the hero).

chay.hawk Topic starter 27/04/2023 4:07 pm

@wano I tried that, but for some reason, the tileset for the sword wasnt i there, so I found it and loaded it but the selection for the tile is 32 x 64 for some odd reason, it wont let me select just 1 32x32 animation tile.

Wano Wano 27/04/2023 10:33 pm

Hum not sure to understand, how does the sword animation file look like? Maybe it will help, here is a tutorial I wrote for custom character texture:

How to make a custom character texture in RPM: A character template have a number of rows and columns. Columns are the number of frames to animate your character. By default, there are 4. You can change this value in Systems manager > System tab. You can even change the duration of a frame. Next, rows. There are 4 by default, one for each orientation. The order is South, West, North, East. When selecting the character picture, you have access to 2 options: > Stop animation will add 4 more rows with same orientations but for animation of character when its not walking. > Climbing animation will add 4 more rows with same orientations but for animation of character when its climbing something. If you are using one of these two options, don't forget to activate it in the object state options. If you respect all these proportions, then you can make the characters any size you want. The last condition is that you'll have to make your image size a multiple of your square size, which is by default 16px and can also be changed in Systems manager > System tab. It will avoid collisions issues. You can see examples of default existing characters in "Open default assets folder...".

chay.hawk Topic starter 28/04/2023 5:42 pm

@wano Hmm, I'll have to play around with it some more and figure it out. Thank you!