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How much different can you make the feel of a game with plugins?

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So some questions about modifying the game through JavaScript. I don't know JavaScript at all, but I do know C++ and have about 13 years experience with it so i do have some programming knowledge. But I want to know:


1. Just how much of the game i can change with the JavaScript plugins? I'm not talking about anything really crazy the main thing I want to accomplish is to make a game in this engine but I don't want it to feel like it was made in this engine if that makes sense, for example, I want to change the menu system completely to make it feel unique and stand out, is this possible? I took a cursory glance at the entire plugins section and It seems like I can create my own windows with text and images on them, but how far can i go with it? i'm not too sure what the limitations are. Can i make all menus including the main menu completely different? also is it possible to remove menus?


2. The second thing I want to do is change the keyboard and mouse input, its mostly fine as it is but there's some tweaks i want to make, and again from looking at the plugins section, it seems like i could, but I'm unsure what the limitations with this are.

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I would say, there are no limitations. Javascript is a language where you can change any code part in the runtime, so you can do a lot with plugins. You can basically edit any already existing class methods, add new ones etc. Even build your own classes. If you have this experience with C++, then using JS shouldn't be a problem for you. I personally use both!

You can check the plugins guides there:

And if you have any specific question about it, you can ask here!

chay.hawk Topic starter 23/04/2023 1:36 pm

@wano Thats awesome, I'm really loving this engine so far, it really has great potential. I'm looking forward to supporting and using this engine for future development!

Wano Wano 24/04/2023 4:08 pm

Thank you very much! 🙂 I also can't wait to have the 3.0.0 released. It's a web version (still available for desktop of course) of RPM that will improve the engine a lot!

chay.hawk Topic starter 24/04/2023 6:34 pm

@wano So the desktop and web versions will both have the same features? or is the web version going to replace the desktop version?