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How do i get models to work?

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I followed the tutorial but I cant seem to get them to work. I have a tree that can be chopped down and i placed the event code in the model "Tree" so i can place a bunch, and then in the tree object i changed the model to "Tree" but nothing happens. I thought maybe somethings wrong with my events, perhaps i didnt copy them right so i made a very simple model that just displays a text message and that doesn't work either. The tutorial doesnt say how to make it work in the game, unless im missing something. Or im doing it right and its just a bug idk.

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Did you remove all the states and events from the object?


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AH, ok thank you, I dont think the walktrhough stated they need to be deleted, thats were i was confused, now it works. But lets say the trees are supposed to respawn every 5 seconds after they are cut down, which i already have implemented, however each tree should only start the countdown after its chopped down, however i noticed that if i chop one tree down, wait 5 seconds and then cop the other down, they both respawn at the same time, when each should be instanced so they have separate timers. 

Wano Wano 29/04/2023 1:15 pm

@chay-hawk Oh, this one looks like a bug. Fixing it asap!

Wano Wano 08/06/2023 1:03 pm

@chay-hawk Fixed for 2.0.8

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Oh!, well im glad i found that. I found some other bugs too, but i havent said anything yet but i will document them one of these days for you.

Wano Wano 29/04/2023 10:26 pm

@chay-hawk Thanks! That would be very nice. :] Will do a debug rush in a few weeks when I'm done with a DLC assets.