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The program crashes constantly

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Every time I try to edit an item from the "data" section the program crashes

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of course, I had to put the video on YouTube because it was too heavy

Wano Wano 28/09/2023 8:55 pm

@samxstribe It looks like something is wrong with your installation, you don't even have the translations. Did try to re-install? Are you using Steam version? If not, and the reinstall doesn't work, then try the Steam version. Let me know if it works!

samxstribe Topic starter 02/10/2023 12:11 am

I reinstalled the program from your site a couple of times and it always gave me the problem, I also tried to install a previous version but it wouldn't let me install it, now I just tried to install it from Steam but it still gives me the same problem

Wano Wano 03/10/2023 6:08 pm

@samxstribe Ok, that's very weird. I've never seen this kind of problem. Did you try to run the program as administrator? It's like there are files that you can't access because of your OS.


Is this happening also in a new project? Is it happening when editing specific fields of item?

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it happens both in a new project and in a project I created previously, and it happens every time I try to modify any texture/sprite in the program

Wano Wano 28/09/2023 11:37 am

@samxstribe I'm sorry but I can't reproduce. Could you show me how you are doing in a new project to reproduce? Thank you.