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MouseMove event not working properly

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MouseMove event parameters return their absolute numbers, thus preventing you discerning left (-) from right (+) or up (-) from down (+).


Event was set for Hero Model in Systems Manager dialog box.

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What do you mean? Top left is (0,0), no? You can know what is left,right,bot,top if you compare to Common.ScreenResolution.CANVAS_WIDTH or Common.ScreenResolution.CANVAS_HEIGHT thanks to scripts. see how it's done for default hero code pour moving with mouse.

Joe Vic Topic starter 24/01/2024 3:46 pm
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@wano The MouseMove event in RPG Paper Maker has two parameters: X and Y. Normally, a MouseMove event parameters capture the movement made by the mouse from the point of reference of where the mouse position was previously. So it's expected that if I move the mouse left from where it was, the X parameter should be a negative value: the difference between his new position and the former position. If the mouse moved to the left of the original position, the number should be negative. If I move the mouse to the right, then the new position is on a higher coordinate than the previous one, making the difference positive. Same thing for Y coordinate on up and down.

Now, if you tell me that the MouseMove Parameters in RPG Paper Maker behaves a little different and gives me the absolute position where the mouse has moved to, from the coordinate of the screen, then, we need to know where we can find the original position before it moved so we can calculate the difference from origin to destination ourselves.

I suspect the MouseMove event was intended to work in RPM as I described in the first paragraph, because the coordinates I get don't seem to be absolute. If that's the case then it's a bug that makes the event unusable. If it was supposed to work like I described in the second paragraph, then I need to know where I can find the mouse current coordinates so I can register it just before I trigger the MouseMove event to have the data I need to calculate the difference myself. Cheers!

Wano Wano 26/01/2024 2:21 pm

The mouse event is supposed to give absolute values anytime. If you want to compare to last mouse value, maybe just create previousMouseX and previousMouseY properties in the object, and just update these values at the end of reaction in mouse move event with the x and y provided.