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About Importing 3D Objects

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When I try to import 3D objects, some work and some do not no matter how many times I try and the engine is forced to quit.

I would like to know what causes the failure.

I will send you an obj file of it that fails to import.

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Yosshi- Topic starter 12/07/2023 3:12 am

"file type is not allowed"

Yosshi- Topic starter 12/07/2023 3:28 am

I hope you will forgive me for the barrage of questions.
Regarding the obj file you mentioned in my earlier question, I just tried it and the import was successful.
However, it displays this not-quite-appropriate view. This is what happened with the obj file that had failed to import before.
I would like a solution.

Wano Wano 15/07/2023 11:50 pm

@yosshi It works for me. Please double check that the .obj is correctly selected. Also try to change the names of the files. Maybe japanese characters are messing up something, but that would be strange...

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May I have the .obj and texture to test it? 

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Texture files are possible; obj files were not possible after several attempts earlier, so I will try to see if I can send them after compressing them.

Yosshi- Topic starter 12/07/2023 2:03 pm

obj file