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Specs: Intel i3 laptop with 4GB RAM and Windows 10 Home for distro or edition. I'll add it isn't actively updated I disabled windows update. I don't know which windows 10 build I'm on. I downloaded RPG Paper Maker off the website, not steam.


Going into Data > Skills > Effects > Common Reactions and from there trying to change the default parameters always crashes the editor. Although common reactions exist on other parts of the editor, they don't crash it and I can use custom parameters for troops and object events legit.


The special action "escape from battle" doesn't work as intended from the skills menu in battle, it'll bug out and do nothing. It must be on the main battle selection or it just won't work. I figured a workaround by disabling the option until all battlers had the status "retreat" and then a variable would be set to allow the player to escape, but I would've liked to add a chance to fail more straightforward for this action by making it available thru the skills menu if any character had the status retreat and then make it so the retreat status had a chance to fail.


Floor tiles with collisions also are their own kind of problem. If I step on them I'll be softlocked, for some reason their collision is inverted, so I can go inside them w/o any problem, but when I try to move away I'll always be stuck in them. Related, but you can also get stuck inside a sprite thru mountains which have a border width of atleast 1 it's a bit 'cause the player has no collision on ramps. I'm also a little annoyed by that because I don't want my players to go somewhere they aren't meant to.


Kept the most nebulous bug for last because I'm not sure you can fix that, but I have this bug that only affecs 1 project and only sometimes, but then persists forever. Basically all fixed sprites will stop having a collision. It doesn't happen to any other sprite type, like quadra sprites and face sprites still have their collision, only fixed sprites will bug out. This can also be seen with debug collisions on, fixed sprites will have normal red lines around them, until it goes away. The only thing I can think of that might be causing this problem are the floor tiles with collisions because everytime I come close to one on the starting map it always removes the collisions for fixed sprites. Screenshot is the bug in action.