New features:

  • Adding italian translations
  • Improving switch texture command efficiency
  • Command conditions: adding is climbing condition


  • Basic project remove praticable on some climbing elements
  • Command change map properties crashing if changing tileset without autotile ID
  • Cannot climb up with walls
  • When not climbing anymore, 1 frame wrong orientation character
  • Reduce speed in diagonal move + while diag climbing
  • Small french and polish translations update
  • Update example game issues
  • Create new state is not copying basic first state reaction
  • Character: remove tab terrain + climbing, autotiles remove climbing, walls terrain
  • Remove animated autotiles and slopes from tileset
  • Issue climbing not correctly going down
  • Incompatible saves for projects before 2.0.0
  • Possible to walk in no floor area
  • Adding a monster to your party puts them in backward
  • Some skills to learn from hero doesn’t appear in skill list when added to team
  • Climbing directly on walls not working
  • Climbing: hero not always correctly facing climbing sprite
  • Animations not taking account of miss or crit sounds
  • If message for status heal for still affected is empty, remove small wait
  • Some collisions passing through according to character collisions


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