New features:

  • Add DLC button on toolbar
  • Temporarly disabling protect datas in export standalone
  • Reseting time events when changing a state of an object
  • Update default cameras Y offset for being 8px height (centered for hero)
  • Move camera closer to hero when camera facing wall or mountains


  • Crash ingame for some collisions
  • Collisions detection not correctly working in specific cases
  • Sunlight sometimes making crash for walls
  • Sometimes saves are making crash when objects where moved
  • Change screen tone command not applying to skybox
  • Command move object change graphics not correctly updating index X when don’t change orientation option
  • Export web not working anymore since shadows adding
  • Detection not always correctly sent according to orientation
  • Chronometer not displayed on correct position on different screen resolution
  • Several autotiles/mountains using same picture not correctly displaying ingame
  • SHIFT holding sometimes tracing a weird line in editor
  • Map background image not working
  • Creating troop making crash if battle map was deleted
  • Change state in startup object not executing reactions in other state


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