New features:

  • Improve ingame performances
  • Add Inputs touch event
  • Remove F12 shortcut to quit game (use alt+F4 instead)
  • On level up, don’t display statistics that doesn’t apply to the hero
  • Level up window: diplay window always at the same Y position
  • No more wait when status effect doesn’t apply in battle
  • No more wait when effect common reaction is instant commands in battles
  • Don’t display affected status icon if it doesn’t have any picture
  • Fusion status message into just one for every target affected


  • Engine crash if model hero map object set to none
  • Poison, burnt status should at least inflict 1 by default
  • Example game chest in tent not giving a potion
  • Weird camera small behaviour
  • Skills/Items description: no display decimals on damages
  • Centered Picture2D with reverse is not centered
  • Status effect skip only apply when trying to remove status
  • Battles miss damage repeated visually if several enemies target
  • Correct error message when wrong element res ID
  • Battle for ennemies selection, left and right arrow are reverted
  • Status issue when missing or not first effect
  • No sprite object cannot be triggered at 0,0
  • Try fix battler move not always correct on final position
  • Switch texture command: problem with empty textures


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