New features:

  • Default collisions added to characters of default project
  • Full screen switch after pressing F4 or alt/shift + enter
  • Limit game to 60


  • Windows only dialog box for objects going offscreen sometimes
  • Mac OS export game not running
  • Command change battler graphics may crash in troop reaction
  • Objects transformations not always working properly
  • Skills effects not all executed if battle ends after an effect
  • Menu to select an ally to heal: wrong arrow position
  • Shop can equip not possible to equip weapons or armors
  • Autotiles not animated anymore after a battle
  • Error sometimes popping if using climbing
  • Ingame error if missing an attack
  • Experience when victory not always correct if level up
  • Low characters on low FPS
  • Incompatible saves for projects before 2.0.0


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