New features:

  • Climbing system
  • Objects 3D: choose location centered or grounded
  • Orthographic camera option
  • Command move object: draw a way preview
  • Create / Edit object: put window on a side so the object is still visible
  • Hide commands window when editing one
  • Command stop sound
  • Command display / hide an enemy
  • Command transform an enemy
  • Statistic: add option to display damage name + currency name
  • Loading bar while creating a project
  • Battle map: command start a battle option default battle map and add it in tileset
  • Characteristics: assign element
  • Languages: dictionary with all missing words in game
  • New example game
  • Monster: status in condition action monster
  • Objects: option to set center/angle/scale values
  • 3D models rotate with characters orientation
  • Backup option to disable + backup only datas
  • Switch button to display a currency or not on the main menu / shop list
  • Plugins: change to avoid the use of getValue() on complex objects
  • New title screen and battle music!
  • Change battler graphics command
  • Saved maps are now in a temp file
  • Facesets for other missing characters
  • Backup option select time between each save and max number backups
  • Warning message for basic and hero model


  • Improve 3D objects objects position (wrong selft detection position)
  • Command move object: change graphics changing orientation even if option activated
  • General autotile texture is haunted
  • Ingame states description UI more readable
  • Issues with status: released when attacked wrongly calculated, animation still displayed when released
  • Allow/Forbid weapons/armors characteristics not working on weapons/armors
  • Update model hero to disable camera moving property when entering a new map
  • Time event with repeat off is not working in teleported maps for hero
  • Adding a message error when selecting a non existing object ID in a command
  • Open BR menu can be opened without project opened
  • Some translations issues
  • Fix chest default size
  • Statistics not working for monster action condition
  • Teleport an object with a moving route not working properly
  • Shop: use variable to buy not working
  • Error message issue when synch wrong with hero
  • Saved game might get an error if map size changed
  • Custom 3D objects rotated and scaled not drawn at correct position in game
  • Crash sometimes when resizing a map with mountains deleted
  • Inputs initialized before running plugins
  • Moutains portions crash if drawing with rectangle in preview
  • Autotiles and mountains portions drawing issues with rectangle in preview
  • Enemy using skill attacking all targets not working
  • Skybox: clouds name replaced by day
  • Copy conditions command with property in common reaction make crash
  • Models might crash engine sometimes if trying to delete one
  • Impossible to export standalone on Mac OS when using Mac OS


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