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Combined sprites for objects

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I'd like to suggest a way to make composable sprites for objects in reaction code. This way we can have modular sprites that change when the character is carrying or wearing something different. Let's say we have a base for a human character that is naked. If he's wearing a helmet or an armor we could just superimpose the helmet or armor sprite on top of the naked frame, and so on, based on his/her properties or states. Imagine how easier it would be to have assets in the game, and how richer would the games be. Cheers.

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Ok, so let me be more specific here. I think we should be able to have multiple layers for graphics in objects like we do for floors. The amount, name and order of the layers for objects should be set for the game in system dialogs. How is this useful? Imagine you specify 7 layers for objects: base, hair, clothes, boots, armor, weapon, helmet. This is the rendering order. So you could use graphics with just hairs, other with just clothes, other with just weapons, depending on the npc hair color, weapon, etc... You just load them in the right layer so they will appear one in top of the other. Instead of adding or removing a graphic for a object, you would add or remove a graphic from a object layer. So if you steal the helmet of an NPC you just go there and delete the graphics in his "Helmet" layer or whatever layer you put it. You can have the same base NPC just with different hairstyles and clothes, etc...

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I see how helpful it would be. This is noted in desired features for future updates, thanks!