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A few suggestions

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Hello, I am new to the engine and I would like to say I love it so far! I have a few suggestions from using it for abotu a week now.


1. Allow us to draw custom size event areas instead of them just being 1 tile. Why? lets say you have an outdoor area, and the player is going down a path 3 or 4 tiles wide, and you want them to trigger an event going down this path, as it is now, you have to make the event, then copy past it 3 or 4 times, whereas letting us draw our own size event boxes will allow us to just make 1 event and the player will hit it no matter what. And if you want to edit that event then you have to delete all but one, modify it, then copy paste them again. Unless im missing something and you can do this already.

2. In the area where you create commands, there should be a way to move them up and down the stack without having to copy and paste stuff, so lets say i make a dialogue and i have a sound effect play, well i want the sound effect to play first before the dialogue so now i have to copy and paste the dialogue below the sound effect, a very trivial example but i have encountered situations where i had to copy paste a lot of stuff and it was very tedious.

Just a few thoughts so far. keep up the great work!


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