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When object movement is obstructed game freezes

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So I tried to make the most basic possible object - enemy that when touched, initiates a battle. When player escapes, they move two tiles south to avoid touching enemy again (which happened while playtesting earlier version of this object).

... Except when I approached enemy from the north, my character tried to walk south - into the object - and it couldn't complete, completely softlocking the game. Because the game acted as if I was in an unfinished cutscene, I couldn't even open a menu to exit and had to hit Ctrl Alt Del.

This is not that big deal in this specific instance, since I should just find a way to move player away from the object... But I imagine that an NPC running into a randomly walking NPC during a cutscene and the game freezing with no recourse could be disastrous for some games. Even if player exits, they would lose all progress since last save.

I get that potential cutscene desync where NPC aborts the movement without actually going to their destination is also bad, but probably less bad than a complete softlock.

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I see mmm. A workaround would be change the state of the monster to make it not touchable for a few seconds. Here are some ideas: when escaped the battle, change the state of the monster. In this 2nd state, of course keep graphics but remove all the reactions. Just add one event "Time" to it with like 3 seconds option, and in the reaction of this event, put a change state command to go back to the previous state so you can attack the monster again after 3 seconds.