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Mountain Bug and Woods wall missing texture

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When using mountains, if you hold shift and rotate the camera, then stop and release shift but move the mouse with mountain selected, it will draw a long line of mountains at an angle always going to the top left.


Here is a video i took to show the issue:


Also the woods wall is just a gray image, theres no texture.

Wano Wano 07/06/2023 5:41 pm

@chay-hawk Fixed for 2.0.8

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I just confirmed that it does this with regular tiles from the tileset too

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Another bug, when placing down mountains with any kind of angle to them, you cant walk over top of them. I've included my project so you can see. If you try to walk over the bridgesa and walk down to the dock you will get randomly stopped.

Wano Wano 08/06/2023 12:38 pm

@chay-hawk I think I get why we get that. It should be fixed with 3.0.0 with a new system for handling elements overflowing in map portions.