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[Solved] Force an Action not working in Troop Reactions

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Hi, I love this game engine so far. I hope I'm writing this in the right place.

I wanted to make quicktime attacks that can be "defended" against or maybe even countered like in some other RPG games.
This setup is still a work in progress and I'm probably going to be moving the if loops around. I'm using only one battler image as a placeholder.
This is actually not working too badly, though I would like to figure out a way to pause time to allow for a properly timed reaction

Main Bug: I tried to use Force an Action to test if I can follow up this with another attack/spell but it freezes the game and also uses a spell animation instead of attack animation for "Attack".

I've included what I could of the code. Basically the skill "Practice Attack" triggers a variable that caused the Reaction in the Troop, which seems to work just fine.
If I remove the "Force an Action" the battle doesn't freeze (though I won't be able to actually do anything damage-wise without the "Force an Action")

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Thanks, this is the right place!


I will have a look on this asap. Currently finishing an assets DLC for then end of the month, and then will go back for a debug update!