My Mundane Life is Threatened by the Tropes of an RPG!!! is a game that is about on the nose about what it is about as your standard Japanese Light Novel.

Yes I purposely use about more times than necessary it is the “about” section afterall, so I feel it’s about proper to fill it with them.

You play as Natsuna, a girl who works at a nondescript office doing nondescript work.

Doesn’t really matter, that’s the boring part! But her daily mundane “life” of a monotonous cycle is interrupted by Slimes, Boss fights, Giant Crabs and more! (Not too much more because the game is short (Sorry ;A;))

  • A cool game made in an unusual independently made game engine “RPG Paper Maker”
  • A short story you can get through pretty quick (It’s a feature because it doesn’t waste your time?)
  • A Soundtrack written and junk by NeatNeet
  • A cat!
  • A hint system on the pause menu in case you get lost!
  • Guest Artwork by some cool people!

Enter/Return to interact

X/Esc to cancel

Enter+Shift to toggle Fullscreen

Important Notes:

RPG Paper Maker is an engine that is still being worked on so some “standard” features might not exist yet. I’ll update this game as improvements are made to the engine so you’re always getting the best I can reasonably offer.

  • No native controller support. Using either Joy2Key or Steam Controller solves this issue.
  • Fullscreen toggle bug. UI objects get drawn in locations based on resolution so when swapping they will not be in the correct position, when things get redrawn it will be fixed.
  • Title screen doesn’t loop properly.
  • Music doesn’t loop properly.
  • Shadow system doesn’t work at this scale.
  • Game starts in windowed mode to retain proper aspect ratio.
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