Roses, Paper and Grottos is an upcoming rpg game developed with RPG Paper Maker. It features a fantasy story based on the Day of Books and Roses and legend of Sant Jordi, while also featuring other creatures from Catalan folklore.

This game is set to be released in English, Spanish and Catalan.


The kingdom of Mirmanda has been attacked by a mighty dragon and his minions. Monsters roam the land and the Princess has been kidnapped. Desperate, the King has asked a young hero to save them, a knight named Jordi, said to possess holy powers.


A 2.5D game with 2D sprites in a 3D environment. 

A short and simple rpg based on the Day of Books and Roses.

A wide arrange of monsters to fight based on Catalan folklore.

1v1 battles across the game’s overworld and dungeons.

Basic Controls

WASD Keys => Character movement

Arrow Keys => Camera rotation

Enter => Selection

Esc => Open/Close menu

How to Transfer your Save File to newer Versions

In case there’s a game patch in the future, you’ll need to download the new version and put your save file on the old version in it.

Save files are stored the game folder => resources => app => Content => Datas => Saves

It should be as easy as to move the content from the Saves folder in the old version to the same folder in the new version.

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