Harvest Seasons Graphics Pack


Graphics resources for Harvest Seasons Pack.



This product contains ONLY Graphics resources for Harvest Seasons Pack. You can use it for RPG Paper Maker projects, but also for any other Game Software.

This DLC contains:

  •  2 heroes characters with digging, watering, mining, woodcutting, and fishing animations (+ facesets / battlers)
  • 12 monsters characters (+ facesets / battlers)
  • 8 villagers characters (+ facesets)
  • 18 animals characters (+ facesets)
  • 8 tilesets for spring, summer, autumn, winter, plant mines, fire mines, water mines, and ice mines
  • 6 farming 3D objects (farmer house, chicken coop, barn, stable, bees house, stonefence)
  • 50+ icons with related characters (animal products, fruits, vegetables, tools, constructions, …)
  • 2 WindowSkins
  • HUD elements (artworks of 2 heroes, arrows)


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