Harvest Seasons Complete Resources Pack


Graphics & Musics resources for Harvest Seasons Pack.

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This product contains Graphics AND Musics resources for Harvest Seasons Pack. You can use it for RPG Paper Maker projects, but also for any other Game Software.

This DLC contains:

  •  2 heroes characters with digging, watering, mining, woodcutting, and fishing animations (+ facesets / battlers)
  • 12 monsters characters (+ facesets / battlers)
  • 8 villagers characters (+ facesets)
  • 18 animals characters (+ facesets)
  • 8 tilesets for spring, summer, autumn, winter, plant mines, fire mines, water mines, and ice mines
  • 6 farming 3D objects (farmer house, chicken coop, barn, stable, bees house, stonefence)
  • 50+ icons with related characters (animal products, fruits, vegetables, tools, constructions, …)
  • 2 WindowSkins
  • HUD elements (artworks of 2 heroes, arrows)
  • Morning and evening musics for each 4 seasons
  • Music for each 4 mines types


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