If you enjoyed the Paper Mario Games, this RPG will not disappoint. Play Zelda as a turn based RPG in 2.5D for the first time ever in this epic adventure being developed and released in early access for you to try! This game is completely FREE to play.   Battle Enemies and level up your character. Explore different areas to see new and familiar themes, characters, and sounds straight from your favorite Legend Of Zelda Games! Try it now for free! If you enjoy the concept of the game, consider donating to the developer for more updates and games in the future!  Enjoy a fan made game that should have been created a long time ago!


WMove Up
SMove Down
AMove Left
DMove Right
ENTERAction button
ESCOpen Menu
LEFT ARROWRotate Camera Left
RIGHT ARROWRotate Camera Right


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Custom pixels by @wtheskies

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