This is a short game which I’ve made for the “Paper Jam 2”. The theme of this jam was “Glitched!”. It’s the first time I’ve experimented with the “RPG Paper Maker” Engine. I will use it in further projects and will enhance / polish this game after the jam.


For this project I’ve got support from different people, who give me good assets and usefull advises:

  • I use parts from “Wood’s Fine RPG Paper Maker Assets” (in original and customized format). Thank you “Wood”
  • The main background song comes from the relatively new founded band, which my brother is a member of. I like to thank the “Cube Vibez”: Patrick und Michaela Weiß, Christoph Gärthöffner, Jonas Feth and Christoph Schmitt.
  • I’m pleased for the interchange with the “Paper Jam 2”-Community. Here special thanks to Wano, cid331, HACKY and the rest of the jamers.
  • And at last, I want to thank my kids for the good ideas and my wife for the advises. So I consider the result / the game as a common “family Project”.
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