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Teleporting object on same map

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This could be a small but useful fix. Maybe I just didn't find the right option to do this though.
If I want to move an object during an event on the same map to a certain position (not moving by frames), this seems to be only possible with the "Teleport object" function. 
This causes every time based event to reinitialize and start again, which leads me to an endless loop. It would be nice to have an option to disable the re-trigger for time events when using the teleporting function.

Wano Wano 07/02/2023 11:53 am

@blank Sounds like a bug to me. I would think that time would stay the same. Is it happening every time? Even with a very close teleport?

Omegasynn 14/09/2023 3:32 am

Would you be able to get a similar effect using the move object command. Changing the graphics to blank, move to where you go on the same map then change graphics back to its original state? Using the transition to black the screen then back again could mask the movement to appear like you teleporting. Adding through im the move command would pass all tiled. Used a similar to same way in rpg maker xp back in the day for the result

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Thanks for your response!

Yes, f.e. if I create an event which is starting with Time (no repeat) and a message box "test". This happens once. If I add a teleport in the same event to the current map and a close position, using the "Choose.." selector, it keeps spamming the message box since it seems to reload the map entirely.
A good way out of this would be to create another object and just use the "Teleport object" function to move to the position of this object. That way it didn't restart all the processes and in my case, this is the solution.

Not sure if it's intended, or really a bug.

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Wano Wano 11/02/2023 2:49 pm

@blank OK, I was able to reproduce and fixed this bug when you teleport within event time reaction. On short and long distance. It also improved the teleport command to not reload the entire map but only the missing portions. However, for now you'll have this behavior: when an object containing event time is not visible anymore in the map, it's erased from the map. If you go back, the object is created again and so will send event time again. It's not like states that are saved. It's currently like that because it may cause bugs if you for example try to move the object in the event time, but since it's removed from the map it won't work and make it probably crash. Do you have any example of use of the time event inside an object that would not work by using startup reaction from map properties? So I could have an idea how to find a compromise.

Anyway, for now, with very big maps I would recommend to use time event only in startup reactions or hero model (/!\ when teleporting to another map, hero events time will be reset too, changing map is reseting everything and sounds like a normal behaviour to me).

Wano Wano 11/02/2023 2:50 pm

@blank (fix will be available in next coming patch!)