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Questions: Telemetry, Offline, open-source, etc.

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In light of the Unity controversy, one has to wonder if any game engine that is not open-source, not worth the time and trouble. Unity proved that FOSS for gaming is the way to go. We already have several Free and Open Source game engines such as Godot, Renpy, Bevy, etc. to lead the way.  But despite that, I think I can give this game engine a look and not just throw it out with Unity and other proprietary game engines into a trash bin where they belong.

  1. Is there any telemetry involved in this game engine?
  2. If there is does it respect users privacy?
  3. Does this game engine work offline?
  4. How open is this engine?
  5. Will it change to be more open or closer to open-source?
  6. Using the free version, would I be able to create and share free game projects that others can play or learn from?

I've tried rival RPG Maker MV and I hated it. Not only do they charge too much for it, I also found it too limiting and not Linux friendly. They don't care about proper Linux support. Do not slight us Linux users.

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Thank you for your message!

  1. Nope. The only thing I do is retrieving data (updater, online plugins). Nothing from user information is shared somewhere. The code is proprietary but completely open here so I'm very transparent. I don't plan to have any user data collection in future.
  2. -
  3. Yes. As I said, just updater and online plugins system won't work if offline.
  4. See 1.
  5. For me it will stay like how it is currently. In very early devlopment, it was open source. I switched to proprietary because it was not compatible with how I wanted to sell the engine (free for non commercial use). But it was important for me to keep as close to open source as possible. You can find an article about it here
  6. Yes! That is the main purpose. With free version => publish free games. With commercial edition => publish commercial games. There are no exclusive features between free and commercial edition.

For Linux users, no worries about it I'm currently hard working on a 3.0.0 version that will fix the current issues we have with Linux platform. Linux version stopped to work correctly since some months and it is important for me to fix it!

Chakras01 Topic starter 02/05/2024 1:44 am

@wano I can't use it as it does not work on the Linux distro that I am currently using.

Wano Wano 02/05/2024 12:03 pm

Yes, as I said at the end of my message, I'm currently working on 3.0.0 version that will fix Linux issues. This will come out in the middle of the year!