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How to make a scene cutscene

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Hello, I cannot for the life of me figure out how to make a cutscene play when you start the game in a scene. This is what I'd like it to do as a test:

1: Bring up the dialogue box to explain what will happen in the cutscene . 

2: Never play this again. 


After I figure this out I can then figure out how to do other things. But as it stands after watching a tutorial for 30 min I don't know what I'm missing. Sorry in advance for what will probably be an easy question. 

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Take a look on the map properties. On the right, you have startup reactions. By default, you have an event time [0, OFF] with empty reaction. You can test by using show text command here. To make it never happen again, just add at the end of your commands a change state command and pass it to state 2 for example.