Hey everyone, we wanted to introduce you to our first project with a demo crafted by a small team. This demo primarily focuses on the visual aspects and the narrative content rather than gameplay. We want to be upfront and let you know that the game is currently in its early stages of development, meaning it has limited features and everything is open for change. Because of that, your feedback means a great deal to us, so please leave a comment with your thoughts.

Hiroto, a young man unhappy with his family, will end up moving to a small country house with his aunt and cousin. There he will meet many girls first hand, who for some strange reason, will not be able to resist his charm… What other secrets does that lost villa keep in which there is not even Wi-Fi?

The project will be updated little by little, the final idea will include different girls, farm system, certain experience systems and interesting mystery.

Our twitter: https://twitter.com/BasicArtistName

Discord: cimentacion

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