1st place: Crimson

2nd place: Eldritchdraaks

3rd place: fortunusgames

4th place: iniriza

5th place: Wood

6th place: salutbob

Here we are! Welcome to the 1st RPG Paper Maker Screenshot Contest!

We will start to launch a new community event in addition to the game jams: Screenshot Contest! The goal is to make awesome screenshots of your games made with RPG Paper Maker with a specific theme, and the community will vote for the one they like the most.

What is the theme for this contest ?


Rewards for winners

  • The 1st winner will have its screenshot as the banner of official RPG Paper Maker Twitter / Facebook / Patreon pages + a special discord role
  • The top 3 winners will be displayed on the homepage header of Website / Steam page


  • Collaborations are allowed
  • All the screenshots should be 1280 x 720 pixels size
  • You should not apply any post-edition on the screenshot. The screenshot should only be taken from RPG Paper Maker. You can use Basic Resources assets from RPG Paper Maker, or use any software for making your custom resources to use it inside RPG Paper Maker (textures/models)
  • Don’t use stealed resources of course…
  • Respect the theme!
  • Avoid violence / nsfw stuff. Stay as much friendly as possible

How to submit:

Send me a DM to Discord @Wano. I will validate you directly your participation if the screenshots is OK with the rules and let you know if anything is wrong. All the screenshots will be displayed in this channel when the deadline is finished, and then we’ll proceed to vote!

Key dates:

Submissions: 8 October 2023 – 23 October 2023 23:59 CET

Voting: 24 October 2023 – 30 October 2023 22:59 CET

Results: 31 October 2023!

Happy Paper Making!

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