This game was designed for local multiplayer but a person can switch which character to control any time.  There is only 1 map. 

You can fight battles on the map(working) or in classic Pokemon RPG battles(mock up). 

The project encountered many engine bugs and sometimes crashes. It’s meant to show how to code such a game, not to be a fully working game. Maybe when the engine is more stable. 

Player 1 – The Trainer

The main character. The only one capable of talking with NPCs.  Has access to the usual modes of transportation. Now has attacks for map battles, but nowhere near the power of the Pokémon. 

The Trainer decides when to summon and return the Pokémon. The Trainer has access to items and Trainer Cards to assist the Pokémon in battle. 

Player 2 – The Pokémon

A secondary character that has limited interaction with the objects in the game world and menus.  Can’t talk to NPCs but can talk to other Pokémon.  Can pick up items and destroy obstacles. 

The Pokémon would not be limited to 4 moves. These moves are available to use on the map or inside RPG battles. On the map they might have special properties, like moving obstacles. 

*A functioning custom RPG battle system isn’t likely. All RPG gameplay is a mock up.*

Most objects, from NPC to boulder, can be interacted with in many ways. Examined, Pushed, Attacked, etc. Try all actions on all objects to see what happens. Some objects will have only 1 reaction, but most will have 3-10+.

There is no end or game over. It’s a sand box testing area with about 5-10 minutes of gameplay. *I started to add another area but it crashes as soon as you teleport*

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