Enables toggling the visibility of the dialogue box. Do not use this plugin on the Hero Model, since the Hero is usually blocked when a message is shown, which means the event listeners would be blocked too. Instead, use it on a Map Object. My suggestion is to make a Time Event [repeat OFF, interval 0] on the Hero Model to spawn a Common Reaction with Time Event [repeat ON, interval 0]. On that Common Reaction, and add a pair of Conditions to check if a certain key is pressed and if it’s just pressed and not held. If the conditions are met, use the Toggle Text command from this plugin. You can also use the Hide Text, Show Text and Is Hidden commands to implement it differently.\n\nThe dialogue box cannot be hidden when there are choices to be made. While hidden, the text cannot be passed nor skipped until the user selects to show the text again manually.

Author: Russo

Categories: Plugin