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is there a better way to do this?

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i'm pretty new to RPG paper maker (and RPG maker in general) and i'm trying to learn the basics. it seems like there aren't many tutorials for paper maker out there so after reading the documentation i've been following MZ / MV tutorials. it appears that the events editor is different from the other two above with how it's arranged (pages and conditions?) / its contents so i'm having a few issues understanding how it works in paper.

am i doing this correctly? i want the player to collect a flower and bring it to the NPC.  overall i want to try to create a game that's mostly based on quests and story without a battle system, so i'm trying to learn how to make quests and move between scenes..! i worry i'll do the basics wrongly and when the game gets complicated it'll become difficult to fix

thank you for helping!

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What you did seems all ok to me. To complete, you should use a command to remove 1 flower from inventory as well. To improve, I would say that you could keep the equal 0 condition, and add an "else" to it instead of having two "if". You have a checkbox on the bottom of the command to add it. 🙂