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IS RPG Paper Maker Open Source, if it is, you sold me a commerical license which is illegal.

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to avoid further contact please refund my key. It has NOT been used. This transaction was forwarded to the BBB.

Is technically illegal. It is advertised as free and open source. A free and open sourced product can not be commercialized. Now they could change the wording to free version and remove the open source part and then say there will be a one time fee of $70 bucks for a license to make money off anything made from our app and then allow the source code to be released with purchase. Even then they have already screwed themselves. Releasing the exact same version with source on their website with no previous mention of a licensing fee and then all of a sudden charging one, 1. is morally wrong 2. legally wrong . Besides releasing a program with source makes it by all legal definition freeware therefor no money can legally be made from it.

Posted : 28/11/2023 5:50 pm
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This is not an open source or freeware project. It was open source years ago during early development, but now it's clearly proprietary licensed, exactly because of legal issues for selling. It's completely legal now. Having code open doesn't make a project open source. It's absolutely not the definition of an open source project. Check the EULA: .

If you want to be refund because you don't want to use the commercial edition anymore, just ask.
Posted : 29/11/2023 10:39 am