When disaster strikes the planet of Mertonia, Lucas and his trusty cargo hauler are thrust into conflict with monsters, pirates, and more!

A classic JRPG-style adventure with more than 20 different kinds of enemies.

This game takes approximately 60-90 minutes to complete.¬†It was made is 30 days for Hacky’s Paper Jam 4. Please vote kindly.


-You can poison/stun/paralyze a KO’d enemy. This will make it look like they came back to life- they didn’t! This should be fixed in version 1.1. Check it out!

-If you accidentally go fullscreen, it means you hit SHIFT-ENTER. It shouldn’t break anything, but press it again to go back to normal.

-Sometimes an error will pop up when selling or using items. Just close the error using the red X in the top-right (but don’t close the game!) and you should be able to continue.

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