As the name suggests, Autosave plugin autosaves your game.

There are various ‘Autosave Methods’ to autosave your game.

Autosave Methods -\nInterval – Autosave will happen after certain intervals

Teleport – Autosave will happen everytime an object teleports\nMenu Close – Autosaves when player closes menu\nAll – Autosave will happen in all above conditions

You can also prevent players from saving in autosave slot.


To use this plugin, simply add it to your \”Scripts/Plugin Manager\” and tweak the ‘Parameters’ to your liking.

NOTE: DO NOT use this plugin anywhere except \”Scripts/Plugin Manager\” or unforseen circumstances my arrive!


To report any bugs or feature requests, ask it on RPG Paper Maker Discord.

Thank you for using this plugin!

Author: SpunkyAmbassador

Categories: Plugin